Tuesday, December 16, 2008


My first post!!!  So I would like to welcome you to my crafting blog where I will, hopefully, post all of my craft and life goings on.  I would really like to make this a regular thing so encourage me peeps!!!  I need it!!  So anyways for my first post I suppose I should introduce myself huh.  Well, my name is Dawn Wade and I am currently a designer for a small toy company (like little trinkets and stuff)  it really sounds more prestigious than it really is.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to craft.  If I can make it with my hands I will try to.  I think I get that crafty-ness from my Grandma Kocourek and my Mom.  From a very early age my Grandma encouraged and taught me many crafty techniques.  In fact I remember one year for my birthday my Grandma bought me a small needlepoint project.   My Grandma sat with me during the party and showed me how to back stitch and how many threads to use.  I think my friends who were invited to my party that year were pretty bored waiting for me to stop working on my new project.  My Mom was also a great crafter.  My sisters and I would help her make fabric wreaths and walnut mice magnets.  It was great.  I love my Grandma and my Mom for encouraging me to be crafty and to express myself through art in ANY medium.  I am also a HUGE animal lover and have three super cute kitties at home, Sushi, Tomomi, and Sweetums.  I'm sure there will be many a posted picture of them.  I also have a wonderful, thoughtful husband named Marc, who is going to school to be an IT person (there's more to it but being the non-technological talker that I am, I couldn't even tell ya what it is).  My husband and I just purchased a home in May and have been slowly but surely making it our own.  Well, I think that pretty much wraps up who I am in a vague kinda way but as you read you will learn more :)

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