Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Time!!

Can you believe that Christmas has come and went already??  I surely can't it seems like we just celebrated Thanksgiving!!!  Well, this Christmas Santa was extra good to me.  I got a ton of clothes and lots of things that I needed.  Marc also bought me the Doodle-stitching book which I can't wait to try!!!  I was pretty surprised when on top of all that I got $200 and $50 to the local hardware store here in Omaha.  You know what that means......yep, re-organizing my craft room!!!!! I am sooo excited!!  I am going to repaint, put up shelves, build a built in desk in m larger closet, buy some baskets for my fabric, get another 12x12 file cabinet for my scrapbooking paper, and revamp my crafting desk!! Hopefully I can do all of that for $200.  with the $50 Marc and I are going to have that go towards a new kitchen sink and faucet.  I hope you all had a great christmas as well.  I will post pics of the craft room before and after soon!!!

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