Saturday, December 20, 2008

little baby christmas trees

So, it has snowed here in Omaha, Nebraska.  While clearing a spot in my craft room to do some much needed gift wrapping, I happened to look out my patio door.  Amongst all of the white stuff, there was this little twig sticking straight outta the snow.  I thought it looked a little strange.  Then I realized it was the little pine tree that I had saved from the summer weeding.  So I braved the cold and took a picture of the cute little guy- look how itty bitty he is :)  I hope he makes it through the winter as it would be very special if we were able to grow a tree from our first year in our new house :)  

I also made some little goodies for my coworkers.  They are little pillow boxes and oh so easy!!  They were such fun to work on!!

I also made a cute header for my new blog - isn't it cute!!!! I love how it turned out!!!

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