Thursday, July 9, 2009

I'm back...

from vacation that is. Marc and I went to Lousiana to visit some of his relatives down there. My mother in law came with so that was interesting. Lousiana was...well, HOT. The food was good but it was really hot. Since my last post I have been busy thinking up a name for my little business and I think that I am going to use 'The Littlest Detail'. What do you think?? it's cute, it's catchy. I like it. My sister got married on June 20th and I promised I would share some pics of that so here they are: The first one is of the bouquet I made for the bridesmaids, in the pic is my sister, the bride.Here's a pic of the brides bouquet, my sister LOVED how this turned out with the bling and the wrapping treatment on the stems.

Here's a close up of the embossed vellum overlay on the bridal shower invites.
Here's the full shot of the shower invites.
Here's the inside of the tea length wedding ceremony programs.
and the outside of the ceremony programs.

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